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  Youth Programs and Services


 Youth Mentoring and Workshops

P.A.Y. mentors at-risk youth and foster children through workshops and other community activities. At-risk youth includes youth with characteristics and experiences that increases their risk of developing challenging behaviors and outcomes that could be detrimental to their community, themselves, or both. The goal of our mentoring program is to:

- Build or rebuild self-esteem and confidence


- Reduce or prevent teen pregnancy, violence, and substance abuse, and improve decision-making


- Provide effective life, job readiness, leadership, and emotional skills, work preparation techniques, and build interpersonal relationships;


- Provide opportunities for youth to engage in discussions that address bullying, decision-making, peer pressure, education, poverty, academics, life choices, family life, military life, and other appropriate topics that are important to the participants and their parents


- Host and/or participate in events and activities that promote emotional self-awareness, education, and healthy and positive life choices and skills, that are aligned with P.A.Y.’s mission and values


Our youth workshops free youth workshops assist youth in building the skills that help them reach their maximum potential. P.A.Y.'s workshops offer work readiness and life skills training including but not limited to:

- Career and college readiness; study skills

- Improving mental health

- Leadership skills and communication skills

- Emotional intelligence

- Preventing adolescent suicide, violence, pregnancy, bullying, and substance abuse prevention  


P.A.Y. workshops are not limited to the program's participants. Workshops are held in various locations and taught by professionals who specialize in various areas. 

Volunteer Opportunities


P.A.Y. continuously recruits volunteers for our program and we encourage all to apply through our Contact Us page  


 "Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor"  - Lailah Gifty Akita




P.A.Y. provides journals to youth who participate in the our mentoring program, workshops, and to various organizations. We want to provide our youth with a personal outlet to convey that allows them to express their thoughts and feelings on topics that they might feel comfortable sharing with others. 


Journaling promotes self awareness, helps youth recognize their strengths, weaknesses, fears, feelings (Werrell, 2017).


Journaling help youth reduce stress by allowing them figure out their problems and privately  work through painful feelings (Rudlin, 2017). 

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving journals or you would like to donate journals. 



Youth Leadership Development Program

P. A. Y.'s six-week leadership development program centers on leadership skill development, opportunities for action, and environmental conditions to help youth enhance decision-making, conflict-resolution skills, and communication skills. Youth participating in this program will engage in leadership activities, workshops, and community activities. This program will help youth gain leadership skills that will foster creativity, increase emotional competencies, and aid them in making a positive impact on the community. 

Please contact us for participant qualifications and additional information on the leadership development program. 

Additional Services


Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Executive Coaching and Consulting

Includes one-on-one and group training and consulting.

Benefits of Executive Coaching and Consulting


- Leaders receive advice and recommendations on business matters

- Helps managers set organizational goals

- Focuses on the future and individual performance in the business context

- Helps executives discover their path

- Helps increase emotional intelligence (emotional self-awareness, self-motivation, self-regulation, social skills, and empathy) in the workplace and personal lives

- Helps solve difficult work-related and personal issues

- Helps improve individual decision-making

- Explores subjective experiences  

- Learn to utilize EI to improve leadership and management skills or excel in your current position. 

- Learn to utilize EI to reduce employee turnover. 

- Helps increase organizational effectiveness

- Learn ways to reduce stress and increase time management

Please contact us for additional details and pricing. 

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Speaking engagements, presentations,
and additional training

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Mobile Notary Services
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